Odoo is a management system for all industries. Odoo provides opportunities for sales and purchase administration, reporting, accounting, as well as personnel management, production, distribution, logistics and other processes. It is designed to improve the efficiency of all processes. All this is combined in just one single environment. 

 In addition, it allows you to set up marketing campaigns, create websites, functional online stores, programs for POS terminals, etc. And there is also the possibility of integration with social networks and other programs.

Odoo is a flexible system

Odoo is ready made system for any industry. Different Odoo functionalities cover business needs such as manufacturing, retail, services and many more.

Odoo grows with your business

Odoo can support your business growth and new business needs. Just install new app and you can start using new functionality.

Odoo is a ready made system

Odoo helps you optimise your internal processes and limits your manual work. Therefore your team can focus more on customers.

Odoo connects employees

By using Odoo connection between the departments and employees will be better, even if they are not on the same location.

Automate your business!
Try the free version and make business processes easier, because now it's all in one!

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Odoo for all you business needs

You will siginificantly decrease costs of subscriptions and will spend less time for learning your employees how to use different systems.

Odoo is an open source system

With Odoo you will cover all business needs in one business solution. This means no more transfers of the data between different systems and no more data lost.

Possibilities of integration
Odoo is the best solution for
your company

Odoo is really user friendly

You can also access your data wherever you are. There are no limits set by Odoo.

Odoo is an user friendly system

You can use Odoo on any device (computers, phones, tablets etc.), because it's 100% responsive.